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Meet Our Groomers

Hello, We’re Yvonne and Jennifer, your pets’ groomers.

We do everything to make sure that your pet has the opportunity to enjoy his/her “day at the spa”, paying close attention to comfort, hygiene, and appearance. While they’re here, they’ll have their own private crate, (the area is heated in winter, air conditioned in the summer), a “blankie” (for both comfort and security), and fresh water. Cats will have a litter pan, and dogs will have at least two “potty-breaks”. Jennifer will greet them and start them off:

  • Ears are flushed with a Vet approved cleaner, swabbed and plucked
  • Anals are checked and expressed if needed.
  • Nails are clipped

Then comes the best part, a Jacuzzi-like bath using skin/coat-specific shampoo and conditioners! This helps to relax them, stimulate the hair follicles, and to make certain that they’re squeaky-clean from the skin out. Fluff drying, without using heat.

Then it’s my turn! With more than 15 years of experience here at Confederate Ridge I do the finish-work: Haircut (if needed), hair around pads trimmed, nails buffed smooth, hygienic hair removal, and whatever else is needed to make them look their very best.

I also keep an eye out for any potential skin/tooth/health problems.

Meanwhile, I am asking your pal to allow me to go over every square inch of their body with a fine-tooth comb (sometimes literally!), stand on three legs (if possible) for footwork, as well as learn “turn around” “stand”, and “stay”.

Your pet will be returned to you, soft, shiny, looking his/her best, with a spritz of cologne, a bandana, and a Groomers’ Report Card to let you know how things went. I love my job!!!


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