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When To Get Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned

When To Get Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned

While many pet owners take good care of their pets, it's easy to overlook dental cleanings. These routine cleanings are important both for monitoring your pet's dental hygiene and minimizing future health concerns such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and periodontal disease. However, dental cleanings for pets, including dogs and cats, are a bit different from those for humans. This is why we recommend that our clients should be prepared before visiting Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg for pet dental services.

Dental Cleaning Schedule

Generally, you will wait until your pet is an adult, around two years old, before scheduling an appointment for teeth cleaning. This is because these procedures require anesthesia that ensures your pet remains calm and our veterinarians can fully clean your pet’s teeth and inspect the mouth.

Because anesthesia is required, our vet may draw blood to determine if your pet is healthy enough to undergo an anesthetic. Furthermore, some ill or elderly pets are not good candidates for dental cleansing, and our veterinarians may recommend at-home care as an alternative. If your pet is deemed healthy then an annual dental appointment is recommended. You can schedule a dental check-up along with your pet's annual overall check-up and vaccinations. If you have adopted an adult pet, our vets can advise you on an appropriate dental cleaning schedule.

How You Can Help Your Pet's Dental Hygiene

Pet owners can promote good dental hygiene by brushing their pet's teeth at home. Your pet may resist brushing, so you can get your pet used to the idea by brushing your pet’s teeth and gums with a finger brush and flavored toothpaste. Brushing at least twice a week helps your pet’s hygiene. Water additives, dental chews, and certain toys can also help.

Pet Dental Care for Pets in Fredericksburg, VA

Call our team at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital today at (540) 373-6100 to schedule your pet’s dental check-up with one of our veterinarians.


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