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Professional Grooming

Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital has a full service grooming salon dedicated to providing your pet with professional grooming and exceptional care. We cater to their individual needs in a safe, sanitary and comfortable environment.

Yvonne our groomer has more than 20 years’ experience grooming both dogs and cats providing

…a pampering day spa.

Appointments are taken by our receptionist during the clinic’s open hours and are available Tuesday thru Friday…drop-off on your way to work…pick-up on your way home. No daycare fees!

While here your pet will enjoy her/his own private space in a climate-controlled area with free choice of water and at least one potty-break provided.

We know that bathing, brushing, and de-matting a cat can be a challenging, yet necessary job and Yvonne prides herself in having the handling know-how to offer our feline friends a calming day at the spa.

We strive to provide all our cat and dog friends the best grooming experience possible.

We like to send them home beautiful, happy, sleek and shiny. Looking and smelling great…ready for cuddling!

As part of a Veterinary Clinic, we can also provide grooming services essential to their health as well.

We are trained and able to handle the special needs of most seniors, disabled, anxious or aggressive pets.

Yvonne will take the required extra time or extra hands to make them safe and comfortable.

Sedation is available when there are risks for your pet’s safety due to extreme anxiety or for our own safety. No one is going to force your pet to comply with bathing or grooming. Rest assured that this is only done under the advisement of you the owner and our veterinarians.

All of our professional grooming procedures include:

Clip and file the nails. Long toe nails can essentially do harm to dogs by changing the natural alignment of the toes which adds torque or twisting to the joints and/or causing splayed feet.

Flush/clean the ears with a veterinary approved solution.

Pluck the hair out of the ear canal to allow best possible air-circulation. Some dog's ears have hair deep within the inner canals that needs to be removed to avoid the risk of inflammations and potential ear infections.

Anal Expression, if needed. Full anal glands can cause your pet to “scoot” and/or lick that area due to discomfort.

Shampoos are individualized for all the dogs and cats

Medicated shampoo and conditioning treatments when needed

All bathing is done at least twice using a hydro-massage technique…relaxing and beneficial too!

Towel/fluff blow dry by hand and crate-dry to finish.

Heat drying is never used!

Finish-work includes removing unwanted hair from:

Private areas

Pads (to avoid slipping)

Paws…no “moppy” feet

Eye/visor area

Undercoat/ de-shedding, if needed

For a final touch we offer cologne, bows, and bandanas.

Clips include all of the services mentioned above plus:

Full Breed-specific or specially requested full body haircut

Hand-scissor finish

Lambert                                                                                                                           "Lambert"


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