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Boarding at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital

If you are located in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital offers premium pet boarding services! Trust your pet to the compassionate, expert staff with a genuine love for animals.

Taking a restful and much-needed vacation refreshes and recharges you, but it can create anxiety in your pet as they do not understand your absence, and that can stir up some anxiety for you as well. Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital understands that everyone needs some time away and our veterinarians and staff are here to offer a safe, fun, expertly-supervised haven for your pet so they can enjoy your vacation time as much as you do! Rest assured your pet’s needs are a priority to us as well as their mental well-being and comfort. With a veterinarian and veterinary staff always nearby, your pet will have a home away from home at our facility.

Constant Access to Quality Care and Vet Attention

One stressful factor about boarding your beloved pet is a concern that they may not get enough attention in someone else’s care. Boarding at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital includes round-the-clock access to caring, doting vet staff, and experienced veterinarians who understand the serious responsibility of being entrusted with your pet’s well-being. We spend one-on-one time with your furry friend to alleviate separation anxiety and provide supervised socialization with compatible fellow guests for healthy mental stimulation.

Daily Schedule

Domesticated pets do well on a schedule, with timely meals and habits they can become accustomed to. Pets boarded at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital enjoy a consistent schedule of feeding times to keep up their metabolism. We also like to end their day by saying goodnight with a nutritious treat.


While in our care, pets can receive relaxing grooming sessions. Besides getting this maintenance step done in your absence so it won’t remain on your to-do list when you get home, petting and brushing will help ease your pet’s mind during the time they spend without you.

Pet Boarding in Fredericksburg

When you can’t be with them, you can trust our veterinarians and vet staff to provide your pet a safe and enjoyable home away from home. Call Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital today at (540) 373-6100 to schedule pet boarding for your next vacation.


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