How Do We Treat Pet Ear Infections?

Pet ear infections

Pets are often susceptible to developing the same types of health conditions that humans can experience. For example, if you’ve ever had an ear infection, you already know the pain your pet is experiencing before they get care. At Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, our goal is to quickly end a pet’s suffering by providing quick treatment that helps get their ear infection under control.

What Are the Signs of Pet Ear Infections?

Your pet won’t tell you they are in pain. Instead, they will show changes in behavior that inform you something is wrong. You might also notice oozing redness or swelling of their ear. This often indicates the infection has spread deeper within your pet’s ear.

What Causes Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats?

An ear infection usually develops when inflammation within the ear canal allows bacteria or fungus to build up and spread. Moisture in the ears also provides a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to infection. Mites are another common cause of infections in pets easily treated by a veterinarian.

How can Our Veterinarian Help?

Vets can often diagnose an ear infection from a visual exam, but they may also take samples from your pet’s ear to send off for testing to identify the cause of the problem. Once diagnosed, our veterinarian will use a medical cleanser to remove debris from your dog’s ear. Then, we may treat the infection using topical ointments or prescription oral antibiotics. Some conditions require a week or more of treatment. Once you return home, you may be responsible for administering topical and oral medications.

What Can I Do to Prevent One From Happening?

Follow the recommended treatment plan if your pet is sent home with a prescription. You'll follow through with the recommended treatment plan if your pet is sent home with a prescription. You’ll also learn how to keep your pet’s ears clean and dry. Your vet can show you how to gently clean their ears using a unique solution and dry them out.

Get Help Treating Your Pets’ Ear Infection

In mild cases, pet ear infections should clear up within one to two weeks. Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, provides prompt care to prevent your pet’s condition from worsening. Give our office a call at the first sign of an infection to restore your pet’s comfort and preserve their hearing.

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