Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital Offers Pet Emergency Care

When your pet needs emergency care, you want a skilled veterinarian with experience in treating illness and injuries quickly and accurately. Although we are not a 24/7 emergency care animal hospital, we can help with emergencies that occur during our regular office hours.  At Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, we have extensive training in providing prompt emergency veterinary care for our patients.


What Constitutes A Pet Emergency?

Pet owners often wonder whether a pet injury or illness is serious enough to be considered an emergency. Veterinary experts state that any event that involves excessive bleeding, broken bones or difficulty breathing should get immediate care from a veterinarian. Bleeding from the nose, mouth or rectum should be considered an emergency. Eye injuries need fast treatment. Signs of pain or anxiety mean your pet is in trouble.

Seizures or unconsciousness need fast veterinary help. Severe vomiting or diarrhea is cause for fast treatment. Difficulty urinating or defecating are emergency situations, as is the inability to drink for more than 24 hours. When in doubt, if your pet appears to be in ongoing distress from an illness or injury, you should seek out immediate veterinary care as quickly as possible. 

What Can I Expect During An Emergency Visit?

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to call our animal hospital before you arrive, so we can clear time in our schedule to attend to your pet’s needs. Upon your arrival, the staff will take information about the condition of the animal. The veterinarian will examine the animal to determine what treatment is necessary. You will be asked to sit in the waiting area while testing and procedures are being done. The vet will consult with you about treatment for the animal and will keep you informed of his or her condition. Once the animal has been stabilized, you will be allowed to visit with him or her.

What Happens After Emergency Care?

Your pet may have to spend a few days in our animal hospital after treatment to ensure the problem has stabilized. The vet will provide instructions for you to help you care for your pet after bringing him or her home. If your pet needs further treatment from a specialist, your vet can refer you to other veterinary professionals.

Make Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Fredericksburg

The veterinarians and staff at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital put patient care first for all their charges in Fredericksburg, VA and nearby communities. We offer many veterinary services, including vaccinations, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, pain management and urgent care. Call Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital today at (540) 373-6100 when you have an emergency veterinary situation with your pet.

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