If your pet lives an active life, it can be difficult to avoid eye injuries. Your cat or dog can pick eye injuries while exploring bushy woodlands or playing with other pets. An eye injury may not seem like a big deal, but this injury may invite eye infection, which may compromise your pet’s eye health. Whether it’s a minor or severe eye injury, booking an appointment with a vet at our animal hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment can help.

Suspecting your pet has an eye injury? Schedule an appointment with us at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital serving Fredericksburg, VA, for pet eye injury treatment from a veterinarian at our animal hospital.

What Are the Symptoms of Pet Eye Injuries?

Pet eye injury can be any physical trauma to the eye. Common causes of eye injuries in pets include scratches, excessive rubbing, chemical exposure, and a puncture wound. While your pet may suffer from other eye conditions, if your pet has a noticeable wound in the eye or around it, it could be an eye injury, and you need to see a veterinarian for treatment.

The common symptoms of pet eye injuries may include:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Constant blinking
  • Visible wound or blood
  • Pawing at the injured eye
  • Eye cloudiness
  • Squinting or eye twitching

Even if you don’t see an obvious injury to the eye and spot symptoms like constant blinking or squinting, it may be a good idea to visit an animal hospital for treatment. If there is an infection, you may spot discharge on the eyes, which could be yellow or green.  

How Are Pet Eye Injuries Diagnosed?

A vet at our animal hospital physically examines your pet’s eyes to look out for foreign objects or eye damage. The vet also relies on information like when the symptoms started, whether they are getting worse, and if you have any information regarding what could have led to the eye injury.

If a vet at our animal hospital doesn’t see any obvious damage or foreign object, other ocular tests may be necessary to establish if there is a deeper injury or bruising due to trauma.

How Are Pet Eye Injuries Treated?

Since there are several causes of pet eye injuries, treatment varies. Simple cases of pet eye injuries can be managed by prescription eye drops and a cone collar to prevent the pet from rubbing or scratching the eye. Foreign object removal will be recommended if a foreign object is spotted in the eye.

Complex injuries may require surgery from a veterinarian to restore your pet’s eye health to its former self.

Visit a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital for “Pet Eye Injury Treatment Near Me

Are you suspecting your pet may have a pet eye injury? Book an appointment with us at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA for treatment. Call us at (540) 373-6100. A veterinarian at our animal hospital can help treat a pet eye injury your pet may be suffering from.

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