Mass Removals

When you're looking for a veterinarian in the Fredericksburg, VA, area because your pet needs a mass removal, reaching out to us at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital is the right choice. There are many reasons your pet could have a mass on their skin or internally and you need a trusted vet to perform pet surgery to remove the mass safely. With the right animal hospital on your side, you can have peace of mind both during and after the procedure.

mas removal

There Are Different Types of Masses

If your pet has a mass that is harming his health, you want to find out the cause of it and get it treated quickly. It could be anything from a harmless growth to malignant cancer. A cancerous mass that's left too long could be disastrous for your pet and even with surgery it might no longer be treatable. The good news is that a veterinarian on our team can help find out the type of mass your pet has and if it should be removed.

Pet Surgery Can Remove the Mass

With pet surgery to remove the mass, we can help your pet heal up and be healthy and well again. If you're not sure what steps to take, a vet on our team can advise you to help you better understand the options available for your pet. We know you want to take the best possible care of your pet, and that's easier with help from our professionals.

Choose a Trusted Animal Hospital for Supportive Care

We offer mass removals but we're also committed to making sure you and your pet get good supportive care afterward. During the healing process, we’ll help you watch out for signs of infection or other problems by giving you details on the kinds of things you need to be looking for. If you see a problem after mass removal, bring your pet to see us so we can get your pet the help he needs.

Get Pet Surgery from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Hospital

If you're in the Fredericksburg, VA, area and looking for a vet near you to help with your pet's mass removal, get in touch with us at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital today. We're here to provide you and your pet with the help and support needed to move past his surgery. Call us at (540) 373-6100 for pet surgery from a veterinarian near you.

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