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If you are taking a trip, you can board your pet with Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital. There are a few reasons why your pet will be happier and safer in our boarding facility.

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Constant Care

When you have your pet boarded, they will have someone there always. Your pet will get one-on-one time with a staff member each day, and they will have someone there during playtime. Your pet will even be tucked in with a snack at night. Chances are, your pet won't get this kind of attention if you leave them at home.

Regular Feeding Time

Your pet will be fed at the same time each day. If you trust a friend or family member, you can't be sure if feeding time will fit in with their daily schedule. This could result in your pet, waiting for hours to feed. At our boarding facility, you can be sure your pet will feed on a schedule.


At our boarding facility, your pet will have a bath, have their nails trimmed, their fur groomed, and a blowout if necessary. When you come home, your pet will look great, and you won't need to worry about booking an appointment with the groomer for a few more months.


Socialization is essential for your pet. When you bring them to a boarding facility, they will have a chance to socialize with other pets. This won't just be fun for them; socialization is also essential for good behavior.

Vet Care

If you have someone checking in on your pet while you are away, they might not be there is your pet gets sick or injured. When you board your pet with us, you will have a vet right next door who can treat your pet immediately. Because immediate medical care can save your pet's life, pet boarding is the best option.

Peace of Mind

When you board your pet, you will have peace of mind that there is always someone there to care for them and comfort them. Your pet will miss you no matter who is caring for them, but at a boarding facility, they will have so much fun that the time will fly by. When you have peace of mind that your pet his happy and safe, it will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

If you are planning a trip, pet boarding with Confederate Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg is the best option. Our staff and veterinarian will make sure your pet is comfortable, safe, and happy while you are away. When you board your pet with us, it will be as if they are also on vacation. To board your pet with our pet boarding facility, give us a call today.




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