Frequently Asked Questions, from our receptionists to our veterinarians these are questions we hear frequently from our pet owners. They are in no particular order.

Do you do boarding or daycare?

Yes! Yes we do, we can board up to 65 dogs and 12 cats at about our maximum capacity. We charge by the night which means you could bring them in at 8AM and pick them up the next day at 6PM and you would still only be charged for 1 night. We do require every dog be up to date with vaccines against rabies, distemper, and kennel cough. We also require a negative stool sample done with in the past year. If your pet has had vaccines else where just fax the records to us. We do not board intact male dogs over the age of 2 years, aggressive dogs, or diabetic animals which are not our clients. We provide bedding and feed Purina’s EN which is a chicken rice formula made to be easy on the digestive system and the dogs seem to really like it. They are walked outside 3 times daily. You are welcome to bring their own food, bedding, or toys to make them feel more comfortable. We have heat and air-conditioning with a generator to ensure no power outages will affect your dog’s comfort. You do need to make a reservation by calling us.

What is your procedure for spaying my dog? Why do they have to spend the night?How is it priced?

Our prices for spaying are by weight of your pet and if they are in heat or just had puppies. There are also options to choose when you bring them in. Do you also want a microchip done while your pet is asleep? We use the DataMars ISO chip which is the approved international chip for traveling abroad and also for here. We have as an option the choice to do preoperative blood work. It includes a CBC and mini chem which checks liver, kidney function, along with other information important to the doctor prior to a surgery. If we have not seen your pet before we would need to see her for a general physical, our doctors will not do surgery on a dog they have not examined. We do require every dog be up to date with vaccines against rabies, distemper, and kennel cough. We also require a negative stool sample done with in the past year to stay with us in the hospital.

We do routine surgeries on Wed and Thurs mornings. They are checked in to the hospital the night before so we can ensure they have had no food/water during the night and morning. It also gives the pet time to acclimate to their surroundings making for a calmer dog in the morning to start anesthetics. We use the safest drugs available, (the same drugs you would have used on you if you were going to have surgery) pain medications are given before and after surgery to keep your pet comfortable. They get warm blankets and TLC when waking up. They generally sleep the rest of the day away. They spend the night with us and are checked out thoroughly the morning after. Your pet is able to go home any time after 10AM the morning after the surgery. Generally sutures are placed just beneath the skin and will dissolve so no return trip for suture removal. A few days of pain medications and rest and they are good to go. We do require appointments for all surgeries.

Are you hiring?

Thank you so much for your interest in our hospital. We are not hiring at this time but I strongly recommend that you come by and fill out an application with us. I always save them and go through them before placing an ad anywhere. I would say 95% of our hiring is from past saved applications.


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