Training your dog doesn't have to be a nightmare. To get the most out of your pet's intelligence and strengthen obedience, get the help of professional dog training services. Dog training is better when it is started as soon as possible. However, even dogs that have been in your home for years can benefit from professional training. At Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, we offer dog training to help make your dog a great companion for you and your family. 

Dog Training

Does My Dog Need Training?

If your pet is currently having behavioral issues, it's important to initiate dog training right away. Some signs of behavioral issues that might indicate your pet needs training include:

  • Nipping
  • Biting
  • Aggressive toward people
  • Aggressive toward children
  • Chewing 
  • Growling
  • Not able to socialize with other dogs
  • Constant barking
  • Separation anxiety

Unfortunately, these issues can quickly escalate and increase the chances of you or your dog getting hurt. 

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

Our vets will inform you of whether or not your dog needs help and additional training. For example, some medical issues might cause your dog to behave aggressively, such as dental issues, changes in hormones, or behavioral changes during their heat cycle.

Our veterinarians will determine if any medical conditions are affecting your dog's behavior and correct these issues before suggesting dog training. Veterinary treatments might include performing dental work, administering pain medication, or conducting elective surgery such as neutering and spaying to fix any behavioral issues.

Dog Training for Better Living

There are lots of methods that can be used during dog training. Every dog is different, so not all methods will be appropriate for your pup. However, some of the most common and effective dog training techniques include:

  • Socialization, to expose your dog to other dogs and people and allow them to be comfortable
  • Clicker training to associated commands, such as sit, stand, heel
  • Positive reinforcement, such as using treats to reward your dog during training
  • Mirror training, which uses a mentor dog to mirror good behavior

All of these techniques can help your dog's behavioral issues, including helping ease symptoms of anxiety, aggressiveness, and even urinating around the home.

Visit Our Animal Hospital for Dog Training and Professional Veterinary Care in Fredericksburg

At Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital, we want to help your pet behave their best and provide you with the best companion possible. We offer primary veterinary care, including medical and dental care, as well as dog training. If you want to train your pet, call us at (540) 373-6100 today and set up an appointment.

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