Fredericksburg Veterinarian Underlines the Importance of Animal Training

Well-behaved animals integrate into society easily and bring everyone around them joy. Specialty-trained animals serve as our helpers in many different ways, from aiding the disabled to saving people's lives! No matter what level of behavior you want your dog to have, it's vital to spend time training him. At Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, we know the more consistent pet owners are with training, the more well-adjusted their animals become.

Untrained Animals Can Be Hostile or Dangerous

If ignored long enough, an untrained dog's personality can become hostile or dangerous. Inattention can lead to the dog injuring another person, another animal, destroying property, or worse. It's never worth it to give up on training your pet. In milder cases, an untrained animal cannot function outside your living room, will not get along with others, and may not allow a vet to perform examinations. Training is critical to avoid these circumstances.

Understand that Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Even though dogs may change owners multiple times in their lives and may have suffered previously unimaginable conditions, lack of attention, lack of training, and lack of love, once a dog is placed with the right person willing to lead correctly, those same dogs begin to flourish. At their core, they are eager to please their owners and will be able to learn basic behavior training and beyond with the proper kind and positive motivation. They will relax, have more joy, and become your best friend.

Learn the Best Training Methods for Your Dog’s Breed

Each breed has certain personality dispositions and tendencies towards stubbornness or training needs. For example, some breeds are harder to train to stop barking than others. Other breeds are more difficult to housetrain. Still, others may become too dominant if not led with the right attitude and energy. Knowing what behaviors your dog's breed naturally predisposes him to will help you work with your dog instead of against it.

Training Consistency Is Key

Be consistent, even if it is just five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night. You can shorten these times if the dog has attention issues and do more throughout the day. Working on one command at a time. Start with "Yes" and "No," then "Sit," followed by "Stay" and "Come." Always reward your pet with small treats, playtime, and affection. You'll both be on your way to happier versions of yourselves.

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At Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, we welcome your four-legged friend into our family. Let us help you with all your pet training and vet care needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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