Is Your Pet at Risk for Diabetes

Many pet owners in Fredericksburg don’t realize just how common diabetes is in pets. Like with humans, diabetes cannot be cured in pets. However, it can be managed successfully. Certain factors place some pets at a higher risk of developing diabetes than others. Our veterinarians at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital would like to share a few of these risks to aid pet owners in their pet care routine.

Risk Factors of Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

Although any pet can develop diabetes, there are some conditions and factors that may put your pet at an increased risk. Here is a look at some of the most common potential risk factors of pet diabetes.

Age – While diabetes can develop at any age, it tends to be most common in dogs that are seven to 10+ years old and cats that are at least six years old.

Gender – Female dogs who have not been spayed are twice as likely to develop diabetes than male dogs.

Obesity – Obese pets are prone to insulin resistance, which can lead to pancreatitis and diabetes.

Certain Health Conditions – From viral diseases and chronic pancreatitis to autoimmune disorders and Cushing’s disease can cause the development of diabetes.


Certain breeds are more susceptible to developing diabetes than others. Here are a few of the pet breeds that are at a higher risk of diabetes.

  • Pugs
  • Miniature schnauzers
  • Fox terriers
  • Beagles
  • Miniature poodles
  • Dachshunds
  • Siamese cats
  • Burmese cats
  • Maine Coon cats


Whether your pet is at an increased risk of developing diabetes or not, there will be several warning signs that will alert you to the fact your pet may have diabetes:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased thirst, urination, and appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic or recurring infections
  • Cloudy eyes in canines
  • Hind leg weakness in felines

Visit Our Veterinarians in Fredericksburg to Learn More About Diabetes

If your furry friend is exhibiting signs of diabetes or you are concerned about your pet’s behavior, schedule an appointment with our veterinarians at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital. Call our team today at (540) 373-6100 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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