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Most dogs and cats eventually need a professional teeth cleaning. We do the same for your pet as your Dentist does for you. We thoroughly remove built up tarter and calculus from the teeth with ultrasonic scaling and hand scaling including above the gum line where tarter often starts. We polish the teeth to get as smooth surface as possible to reduce the recurrence of tartar build up. Fluoride is then applied to help the enamel remain strong.

Many pets have their teeth cleaned on an annual basis to ensure optimal oral health and to prevent dangerous infections from spreading into the liver, heart and kidneys. Dental procedures are performed using the same inhalation anesthetics and careful monitoring techniques that we use for our surgical patients.

We carry a full line of home health care products to help keep those teeth shining brightly!

Pets, like people, can suffer from dental issues if steps are not taken to care for teeth properly. If your pet has a dental problem that needs addressing, contact Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Here is some information about pet dental care to read over so you understand why it is important, what you can do at home to care for your pet's teeth, and how our vet can help when the need arises.


Why Dental Care Is Important For Pets

Pets that do not have someone care for their teeth often suffer from excessive bacteria buildup and tooth decay. This could cause problems in the form of inflammation, bad breath, and tooth loss. When dental problems are present, a pet can suffer from other ailments as well. Pets with dental issues often avoid eating so that they do not experience pain. This could cause excessive weight loss, which leads to lethargy and poor muscle tone. Pets with teeth that have not been cleaned often suffer from gingivitis, which causes bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

How to Care for Your Pet's Oral Hygiene

At home, make it a priority to inspect your pet's teeth regularly. This way you can make an appointment with our vet if abnormalities are found. Brush your pet's teeth daily using a pet toothbrush and paste. These are sold at pet supply stores or via online pet supply distributors. Tartar control treats also work well at removing bacteria from the surfaces of a pet's teeth.

What Our Veterinarian Can Do to Help Your Pet's Teeth

It is imperative that you bring your pets in for veterinary care if they are suffering from pain or discomfort in their mouths. Our vet will examine your pets’ teeth for any problems and will take appropriate action in treating them quickly. Bring your pets to our practice for yearly comprehensive exams to keep their teeth in the best of condition.

Protect Your Pets’ Teeth

Contact Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg if your pets require pet dental care. Call our practice at (540) 373-6100 to make an appointment with our vet for an evaluation. We are also available to handle medical emergencies, preventative care, and comprehensive examinations.


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