We are excited to announce that we will be providing Urgent Care hours at Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital! Every other Sunday from 3pm-11pm starting this Sunday, January 8th, 2023.

Typical Conditions Seen by Urgent Care:

  • Eyes: swelling, discharge, redness
  • Nose: running, crusting, discharge
  • Ears: discharge, debris, odor, twitching, scratching, shaking
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Vomiting (minor or occasional)
  • Diarrhea
  • Straining to have a bowel movement
  • Change in urine color, frequency, or amount
  • Change in amount of food or water intake
  • Lameness / Limping
  • Recent ingestion of minor foreign material or toxin
  • (if showing no clinical signs)
  • Change in behavior
  • (depression, anxiety, sleepiness)
  • Evidence of worms, or fleas
  • Wounds or bite marks (minor)
  • Lumps
  • Facial swelling, licking, or scratching

This is a great option for those illnesses and injuries that need to be seen in a timely manner. Patients will be seen in the order of arrival and order of severity. Please call to let us know when you arrive. We look forward to helping meet this need in our community.

Pain Management

We offer a full range of options when your pet may need a little extra something to keep them comfortable and happy. 

We carry nutraceuticals (natural food supplements) from Glucosamine and MSM to Omega fatty 3 acids, as well as pet safe non-steroidal anti inflammatories and other medications to meet your pets needs. 

Our Companion Laser is a tool to relieve pain. Using the laser often allows for a reduction in the amount of medications used for pain relief.  Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital introduced this technology in 2018 and have been pleased with the benefits seen in our patients. See Laser Therapy for more information. 

When your pet is in pain, we want to help. Please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for a comprehensive exam and treatment plan. 



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