Pet Owners

When you have pets, it's good to know a little first aid so that you might help them during an emergency. If there is a problem, you may be able to help, or you may need to take them to a vet on our team for pet care. It all depends on the symptoms they are having. To get pet care for your pets, call our Fredericksburg, VA, office to schedule an appointment with our veterinarians. At Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital, we are here to help.

Excessive Bleeding

If your pet has a large wound that won't stop bleeding, your furry friend needs to see our vets right away. The wound might need stitches from our vets.


If your pets have eaten something poisonous, you can call us to get advice about what to do. If they ate something from a container, make sure you have that in hand. We may have instructions for what to do if your pet has ingested a toxic substance. If your pets seem to be having trouble standing or breathing, they need to see our veterinarians immediately.


When pets have fractured bones, they will need to see our veterinarians right away. Use a blanket or a hard surface to create a stretcher you can carry them in. Take them to our veterinarians so that the fracture can be wrapped if needed.


If your pets spend a lot of time in a hot environment, it's possible for them to get heatstroke. The key to this emergency is to get your pets’ body temperature down. Running a cold-water bath and placing them in it can help. If your pets are unconscious or are struggling to breathe, take them to our vets for emergency pet care.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, for Pet First Aid

These first aid tips should help your furry friends when they are experiencing a health crisis. Our veterinarians are committed to helping your pets in their time of need. Call us at (540) 373-6100 for Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, to find out more.

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